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Small patio space? Top tips to spice it up

by emily

in Design & Trends

Having a patio to sit and sip sundowners on is one of life’s most simple joys. After a long day at work, coming home to watch the sunset with your family can help you to refresh your body clock, but if your patio is small, it can be difficult to set the right mood. And decorating a small patio is tricky when you are not sure where to start.

You could look out for outdoor furniture which you can paint in bright colours or patio furniture sets with a more rustic feel. A small space might feel prohibitive when it comes to creativity, but you can turn your patio into a stunning garden retreat with just a few tips and tricks. Read on below for how to spice up your small patio.

Try cute and cheerful

If you enjoy the quaint look of English gardens, and love the look of combining pinks and floral prints (thanks to Legally Blonde, pink will always be in fashion) then you can incorporate this into your patio.

Look for white-washed wicker garden furniture or wrought iron outside furniture in white finished metal. You can combine this delicate outdoor patio furniture with frilly pink cushions and a woven floral throw. Cute and cheerful patio designs are great for smaller spaces as well as being perfect settings for dinner parties with friends. The floral element will help you to ring in the start of summer. Add some glass or filigreed candle holders for extra pizzazz.

Love those layers

Decorating your patio from top to bottom does not necessarily mean it will be overwhelmed with knick-knacks. Even smaller spaces can be layered, and if you do it right the space will feel cosy and not cluttered. Remember to keep layers related so it feels cohesive and streamlined.

You could start with a stunning woven rug in a neutral colour such as brown or charcoal, then add a patterned throw to your patio furniture. For a small space, limit yourself to two or three layers in order to save space. Outdoor rugs, throws or throw pillows, and potted plants are the perfect layers for small yards. Add a decorative gas heater for winter evenings. Bring in some sparkle with fairy lights draped along your railing and you have the perfect outdoor living oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Don’t forget the flooring

A patio is usually made of wood, which makes it easy to spice up with paint and some imagination. You can transform a plain wooden patio into a modern masterpiece by painting a simple black and white pattern onto the wood.

Or, if you prefer a more natural look, sand and varnish the wood to make it shine. One advantage of a small patio space is that a painted or patterned floor will not become overwhelming, it will rather pull your look together and liven up the space. Chalkboard paint on wooden floors can be great fun for children on sunny days, equipped with chalk and boundless energy. Or you could look for a large rug to cover the entire floor for something different.

Make it multifunctional

Multifunctional furniture in a small space is a must-have. This way you will have enough seating for everyone and a place to store blankets, cushions, and board games once they have been used. Be sure that the furniture matches the rest of your aesthetic.

Another way to save space on a small patio is to move your furniture inside when it is not in use. You could also create extra seating and storage by building wooden blocks topped with cushioning, which are simple but effective ways to create seating and storage. Having the option to store items will make your patio more spacious. This furniture does not have to be dull and boring but could be a focal point of the area, such as a glass-topped coffee table used to store souvenirs from hiking and camping trips.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Now, you might not think that having a mirror outdoors is not a good idea but mirrors can help to make a small space seem larger. Place the mirror on a wall that faces the garden so that it will reflect light around the area and make the patio seem larger.

You can bring in more light by using mirrored surfaces, such as a coffee table or even mirrored coasters. At night, these surfaces will reflect the light of your candles and fairy lights, transforming your patio into a magical place. Ensure that your mirror is secure on the wall and clean it regularly to maintain the shine and sparkle of the glass. You can install a patio covering to keep it safe from the elements or simply cover it with tarpaulin during the evening to keep it from being damaged.

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