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Signs that it’s time to buy a new deep freezer

by emily

in Variety

For years now you’ve been moving from different houses and apartments with the same freezer. You never thought about getting a new freezer. But just because it works, that doesn’t mean the freezer is in good condition.

It could be the right time for you to replace your chest freezer. Especially if you have had it for a couple of years and have never replaced it. Just because you can’t see that your freezer is old, doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Once a freezer gets old, it uses more electricity. So, one of the reasons why your electricity bill is so high could be because of your old freezer. Or it could decide to stop working when you least expect it. Those two reasons are enough to scare anybody.

The main purpose for a freezer is to store items and keep them frozen, so it’s important that it works. The problem of having an old freezer is that you won’t know when it decides not to work. It will happen when you least expect it, while you’re at work and by the time you come back home, your food is defrosted. Or it will happen when you don’t have money to replace it.

This is why it is important to replace something before it stops working. It’s much easier. If you don’t know whether replacing your fridge is a good idea, here are some vital tips that will assist you.


A sign to change your freezer is condensation. If you see a large amount of condensation, then now would be a good time to buy a new one.

A sweating freezer is never a good sign. Freezers are designed to navigate and balance between both temperatures. If it seems as if it’s working too hard to do that, then that means there is something wrong.

Check to see how bad the problem is. If you can see droplets by the freezer door or inside. This then it means it’s no longer in perfect working order and you need to buy a new one because it won’t do its job of keeping your food frozen.

Is your motor heating up?

If the motor of your refrigerator heating up. That’s a telltale sign that you need a new one. If you place your hand behind the freezer, it should feel warm. But if it feels warmer than usual, then there is a problem.

Is your food defrosting faster than usual?

Normally, your food should last up to three to five days in the fridge and longer in the freezer. If your food is going off before then, you need to replace it. The main point of having a freezer is to keep food frozen. If it no longer does that, you need to let it go.

Not only is your electricity bill going to go up but so will your groceries. Now you’re buying food more than you need to because your freezer isn’t doing its job. In these economic times, you need to think of energy efficiency. Reducing the amount of energy you use is important.

Does frost keep building up?

Your freezer shouldn’t be icy. Yes, a freezer needs ice, but there needs to be a balance. If your freezer is too icy, it’s time to change. Remember, your freezer should have a balance of temperatures.

Tip: Defrost your freezer. If the issue still persists, it needs to be replaced. If it starts looking frosty on the outside as well, you need a replacement, fast! There is no need for a freezer to be frosty on the outside.

Unusual sounds

You shouldn’t hear any unusual loud sounds coming from your freezer. By hearing those sounds and judging how long you have had the freezer, then it means your freezer is old.

Types of freezers available

If you have ticked all the boxes mentioned above, it is time for you look into buying a new one. One that won’t ruin your food. There are plenty of freezers for sale. There are upright freezers, small freezers, and fridge-freezer combinations.

If you’re a student, you could also get a mini freezer to store your food in if you’re unable to buy a big one. There are a lot of bar fridges with freezers for sale. If bar fridges aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also get a small freezer in good condition.

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