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Shattered Lights – Lamp by Ira Rozhavsky

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Artists, Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

This designer-lamp by creative Ira Rozhavsky is easily described as a shattered window glowing on a rug.

Whilst our description may not sound overly flattering, the oddity of this creation, which is made from broken tempered glass coated with a silicone-lining and the edge of the lamp is lined with white LEDs, is strangely but not unattractively intriguing.

The idea is to bend and fold it anyway you please to get different types of lighting effects. The shattered glass helps create interesting reflections.

Well likened to an amoeba by Yanko Design, the malleability of the design is what makes it all the more curious. We just wonder which room it would best be suited?



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