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Share the Burden: Housing Affordability Made Easier

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Person to person loans for home buyers

Affording property could suddenly be made much easier with Home Equity Share matching home buyers with investors.

To be precise HES brings together buyers who can afford monthly payments but not a 20% down payment, and investors who want to get into real estate but don’t want to become landlords or make monthly payments.

Potential home buyers post a profile listing their preferences, including the area they want to buy in, and the price range they’re looking for. They’re automatically matched with compatible investors, come to an agreement and sign a preliminary commitment. This allows the buyer to become pre-approved for a loan, and to start looking for a property. Once the buyer and investor agree on a property, the investor provides the down payment, the buyer arranges a mortgage for his home and moves in. At the end of a specified agreement term—usually three to seven years—the buyer can purchase the investor’s interest in the property, or they can sell the house share its appreciation in value.

For more information visit: www.homeequityshare.com Simon Turner

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