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Selling your house? How to prepare your garden for a home viewing

by emily

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Outdoor Living

Selling your home can be a difficult and emotional time. You are likely in the process of packing up your goods and chattels so that the house is not cluttered when it comes time for the viewings. And while this is all good and well, you should not forget to care for your garden. Be sure to treat your picnic bench or picnic table, or look for new picnic benches for sale if you do not have any in your yard.

You should treat all of your wooden picnic tables with a weather-proof sealant. This will ensure that the wooden furniture is protected against all weather and it will last for longer. You should also invest in a professional gardening service to mow your lawn and prune your bushes at least a week before the viewing. Not sure where to start? Read on below for some top tips on how to prepare your garden for a home viewing.

Treat your outdoor furniture

While your yard might be manicured and green, wooden patio benches in your garden that are shabby and not cared for can ruin the image. You should treat it to be sure that the furniture is suitable for outdoor use no matter what the weather.

Be sure to paint your patio, garden and picnic furniture in neutral colours so that whoever is viewing your house can imagine the garden as their own space. For wrought iron furniture, sand the metal lightly to remove any rust and paint it with a paint that will protect it from moisture and rust. Potential buyers will notice very small details, so maintaining your garden furniture will help to make your yard look and feel more presentable.

Trim your hedges

Neatly trimmed hedges will always make a yard look well-taken-care-of. And it will also give the appearance of an easy-to-maintain garden, which will encourage people to make an offer on your home. You can ask a professional for help or do it yourself with a little creativity and the right tools.

While trimming your hedges can make a significant difference, be sure not to overdo it and make your garden look sparse and uninviting. This is especially true if you have flowering hedges. You should leave enough of the hedge hanging over your wall for it to look lush and green rather than austere and sterile. Landscape artists can provide helpful advice on how best to trim a hedge, but work off of the idea that it should still provide a little shade to your verge and your garden.

Perk up your paving

Paving stones are a fantastic idea to give your garden a pathway or to set out various areas, such as a pool area or children’s play area. But it is important to ensure that you keep this paving clean and mould free, especially before someone comes to view your home. Dirty or mouldy paving can make a negative first impression on potential home buyers.

You can pluck out any weeds that are growing between the pavings by hand and then use a pressure cleaner to spray away the dirt. Be sure to let it dry in the sunshine to kill any bacteria and wash it at least one day before the viewing. Replace the ground in between the pavers if need be with fresh, clean soil so that no further mould can grow. You could also place pebbles between the pavers to prevent extra moisture from gathering.

Clean your pool ahead of time

If you have a pool that you are able to use and fill, it is a good idea to clean it and treat it at least two weeks before any viewings take place, and on all of the days leading up to these viewings. This will ensure that you have an azure blue pool to show to viewers, who will be able to imagine it as their own from the get-go.

A pool that is green with algae, cracked with age or simply not cared for will give all potential buyers a negative connotation. If you do not have the time to treat and clean your pool you could hire a professional to help you to maintain it in the weeks leading up to the viewing. Be sure to cover it when it is not in use to prevent leaves from falling into the water or the filter, and if there are storms predicted in the days before the viewing, cover your pool to prevent dirt and rainwater falling in and making it dirty.

Amp up your curb appeal

You should always ensure that your curb is neat, tidy and attractive as this is the very first thing that viewers will see of your house. Plant flowers along your wall or fence for added appeal or you could shape your hedges to be circular and modern. Remember to treat your furniture to keep it protected against bad weather and clean your pool and paving in the weeks before the viewing.

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