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Security and Aesthetics for Your Home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Security, Variety

One of the most important aspect to being secure in your home is not having your security so on display that potential criminals know how to avoid your security barriers. By finding ways to meld your security with your home in elegant ways, we serve two purposes: making the home more aesthetically appealing and increasing its security.

“Keeping the undesirable elements out of the estate whilst still keeping the estate friendly enough for visitors, could be considered the primary goal of estate security systems,” says Sean McCarthy, an expert in security systems. The better a system can do this, the more likely it is that a customer will obtain it. After all, if your house screams “security”, it doesn’t invite a welcoming outlook. Indeed, obviously secure places are more like prisons than homes and no one wants to willingly go to such places.

But smart designers have found ways to make this work in highly beneficial ways. Consider a case in California that managed to utilise creative thinking and effective security. The focus was on fencing in such a way that didn’t interfere with the social aspects and flow of the surrounding areas.

As the Fabricator notes:

“A combination of security system and public art project, the gates are stainless steel wire mesh located at the entrance of The Quad, a student housing complex.”

The result of the project conveyed all the insights and talents of the various creators: artists, engineers and so on, all collaborating in a way that meant a eye-pleasing result that still maintained security.

“The result is much more than words can describe,” writes Eric Ludin at the Fabricator. “Unlike many fences, which have all the charm of a ‘No Trespassing’ sign, this project lives up to its formal name, A Harmony Parallel to Nature. It combines a beauty that reflects the local area with a subtlety that allows it to blend into its surroundings.”

This kind of approach should be on the mind of all designers and homeowners. Applying this methodology to our homes can mean finding unique solutions to our personal spaces; we can all try be creative and apply what we like to the spaces that we’ve worked hard to take ownership of.

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