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Roofing Myths Debunked for Maintaining a Good Roof Condition

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The roof is an integral part of the home! It keeps a building secure from the harsh elements. However, sometimes, homeowners keep roofing care at the backseat until there is an emergency. Regular roof maintenance and upkeep is essential to ensure that your roof functions correctly and protects the household members.  

However, at times, residents are caught up in too many roofing myths. They get confused in trying to understand what is true and what is not. And in that struggle, roof care gets wholly overlooked. Discussed below are a few common roofing myths that should get debunked.

Roof Maintenance and  DIY
  1. You can add to your savings once you opt-in for roof repair after a damage

The truth is the reverse! When you say yes to roof repairs before the damage, you will save more money. According to the experts, the roof is the first protection layer of a house. It keeps the home secure from snow, sun, rain, and wind. The common mistake that people make is to wait for the time their roof leaks. It is not a good practice at all. Instead, you should be aware of your roof conditions, before a leak or any other damages. When you get aware before potential damage, you can get the roof repaired at a lower cost and make more savings.

  • A roof can do without yearly repairs

In fact, it is always a smart call to get an annual roof inspection or check done to identify the flawed areas and work on the same. To know more, you can get in touch with Salt Lake roofers. Some roofing contractors and experts recommend a biannual roof check as well. When there are frequent inspections, it provides a detailed report of the roof with adequate photos and reports. For instance, you can get your roof inspected before the winter season, knowing that it might snow and there can be storms. If your roof isn’t in the best conditions, then it can’t withstand the climatic extremes.

  • You can quickly fix damaged roofs by just covering the existing layer using new shingles

The truth is you can’t remedy a damaged roof like this. And it can complicate matters and lead to further problems. Old shingles need to get removed completely. Few contractors might suggest you the solution mentioned above. But an expert roofing contractor will advise you otherwise. You need to imagine a shingle as a skin. Beneath shingles, you will find many wood sheathing layers, which is mostly plywood. And the sheathing might rot owing to leaks, the age of the roof or insufficient attic ventilation.  The ideal solution is to do away with an old shingle. 

  • Green roofing is very costly and yields nothing

Green roofing might be slightly expensive, but it has its advantages. That is the reason most homeowners are opting in for it. Also, getting green roofing done is not at all complicated when you join hands with the correct roofing contractor. And one of the best benefits of a green roof is that it can avert the leaks. Today, even corporate buildings are opting in for green roofing. It is essential to assess your roof conditions first, correct the flaws that exist, and then opt-in for a green roofing solution.

These are some of the important myths that you need to stay aware of before you can take proper care of your roof. Now that you know all the myths start by identifying the problems that your roof might already have.

Identify the problematic areas

Proper home ownership starts with knowing where your roof is lacking! Checking and securing the problem-prone areas is one of the best ways to steer clear leaks that can result in costly repairs. The familiar places on the roof where you can expect a leak are the chimney area, missing shingles, plumbing vent flashing, furnace shingles, ice dams, wall step flashings, and the skylights. If your roof has minor flaws, you can keep an eye on these areas and fix them the moment you notice a leak. 

Also, the industry expert recommends that homeowners should resort to a sealant and caulk the space that encompasses your residence vents and pipes. It is essential because it can prevent destructive rusting. You need to ensure that the gutters are clean. If you leave it unattended, there’s a chance of it getting clogged and lead to water damage on the roof. 

You need to take care of the pipes 

When you are considering complete roof care, pipes are another place that needs extra attention. The spaces such as the flashings and the collars can cause problems. When you are assessing such areas, you can follow the steps below:

  • Check the metal flashings on the walls for any corrosion
  • Check the rubber boots atop the popes for any deterioration and dry rot
  • Examine all the pipe flashings and check for cracks
  • Examine the storm collars for apt seal

When you find any mistake or problem area in the visual inspection, you should get it repaired at the earliest. And this will help you to avert any significant threats that could have occurred on your roof.

Last but not least, the way to debunk all roof care myths and take care of your roof in real, is to say yes to regular roof inspections. If you want, you can fix a roof inspection calendar for your house and home. It will help you to recognize any issues that otherwise remain invisible to the eyes. And regular inspections will always help you avoid critical issues for the future. 

Make sure that you only take professional help when you want to make roof repairs and replacements. Anything from buckled shingles, stains on the roof to missing granules on the roof needs the intervention of an ace roofing contractor. Today, many expert names showcase their website online. You can get in touch with them, research on their services and expertise level, and share your roofing repair concerns. Also, ask for the service fee. Once you are convinced about that the price justifies the service, you can schedule your roof repair.

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