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Renovating your home – what steps should you take?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Interior Design, Renovation, Variety

A home renovation project can be a daunting as well as exciting prospect. You want to make sure that you get it right; that your home ends up looking as beautiful as you want it to. Taking defined steps along the way to completion is the best way to make sure that this is the case. Not all of these steps will be taken by you; the contractor will be responsible for some aspects. However, it’s useful for you to be aware of how the entire project will progress.

Before you do anything else, you need to put a plan in place. Include details such as what the work should include and what your ideal time frame is. This is also the point at which you need to approach one of the most important steps in the process; planning your budget.

Setting a budget for your renovation

It’s important to know exactly what you can afford to spend on your renovation project. If you do not plan your budget you could end up putting yourself in a lot of debt, by getting carried away with your spending. Remember to include an amount for unexpected expenses in your budgeting. These often amount to around 10% – 20% of the overall cost.

Hiring a reputable contractor

Once you have a plan and budget in place, you can move on to the next part of the process. You need to hire professionals you can rely on to complete the work to a high standard. Using a contractor to oversee the project makes sense. You may also need to hire professionals like Active Metal to carry out specialist work such as the design and fitting of staircases.

When you are hiring a contractor:

  • Research different options.
  • Check for references and independent reviews.
  • Check for insurance and certification.

Remember to explain what you want in detail and discuss any potential issues. You should also check and sign a contract so that all aspects of the project are defined and agreed.


Make sure that materials and permits are in place

Before work commences, the next step in the process has to happen. It’s important to make sure that all necessary materials are available, and permits and permissions are in place, before work begins. Often, contractors will take care of these matters for you, but it’s useful to know that this is happening.

Complete the work step by step

The work forms one overall step in the renovation process, but it also includes several smaller steps. These steps are the order in which the work is completed. It’s important that these steps are in place, to prevent mistakes being made. For example, you do not want to have a wall freshly painted only to discover that you need to get behind it to renew some wiring. Not every renovation job is the same but generally work will progress in this order:

  • Complete work behind the walls.
  • Carry out painting and flooring work.
  • Install cabinets and other fixtures.

The final step

Once all of the main work has been completed, there is only the finishing off left to do. Depending on what you have agreed with the contractor, you may decide to do some of the work, such as finishing the painting, yourself. Do not forget to examine the work and raise any issues with the contractor, before you pay the final amount of money that you owe.

Once all of the steps are completed, you can sit back and admire your beautiful home.

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