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Relocating to the Rocky Mountains

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Guest article, Lifestyle, Location, Travel, Variety

Known commonly as the Rockies, the chain stretches over 3,000 miles from northern British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico. Sculpted by glaciers and water into lofty peaks and deep valleys, the range is a part of the American Cordillera, a spine-like ridge of mountains that extends all the way from Canada to the tip of South America.

Rocky Mountains

In addition to the beautiful and majestic terrain and numerous public parks and national forests, the Rockies are famous for their skiing and resorts. Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico are home to some of the most recognizable ski resorts and towns, including Vail, Aspen, Taos and Lake Tahoe. Attracting numerous celebrities and people of high net-worth, many of the homes and properties in the Rockies are large, exclusive and remote, with large pieces of property covering, at times, several acres.  Another property option, ranches, also cover large tracts of land and stretch up into the lower foothills of the mountains.

Rocky Mountains 3

Moving to the Rocky Mountains

Despite the exclusive resorts and jet-setting vacationers, many of the mountain towns in the Rockies are surprisingly inexpensive to live in. Land and homes can be found that sell for less than in many other parts of the country and groceries cost less, in part because the towns are so remote. However, some things will cost more in these communities, because of the expense of bringing them in. Most areas do have good access to the internet and wireless, so getting books, clothing, even food is just a click away.  The Post Office rarely delivers to the door, necessitating Post Office Boxes; part of the socialization in the Rockies is running into each other while picking up the mail.

The Rockies are cold. The good news is that the cold stays consistent, so ice and sleet are rare. While roads may not be plowed well, they will stay navigable.

Weather and distance make buying supplies in bulk an absolute necessity. Most mountain homes and properties have root cellars or full basements for storing canned goods and supplies. Keeping a stock of food, clothing and heating fuel, such as cords of wood, propane or oil, is advisable.

Rocky Mountains 2

Practical moving tips

Whether moving across the state or across the country, managing the timing and stress that comes with relocating can be overwhelming. For many people, employing a moving company to help with the packing is convenient and can be an effective way of reducing the stress associated with a move; not to mention helping to reduce the threat of lost or damaged goods. Not only can a moving company transport valued possessions safely and with minimal damage to the new home, they can also move very quickly.

Storing household goods, vehicles or other large items may be necessary if the new home isn’t quite ready for occupation. The storage units Denver, Salt Lake City and other larger cities in the Rockies offer provide excellent and safe storage for personal items. Many movers also offer vehicle transport services, ensuring that the car arrives safely and with minimal wear.

Guest article by Aimee Claire

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