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Australian Real Estate Website Rankings

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Real Estate Radar

Top 5 Most Viewed Real Estate Agency Websites in Australia

It is important for us to look at web rankings by Alexa. By examining viewing trends we can make changes in quick time that give our clients the best chance of selling or leasing their home. This process is ongoing and as a company we look at Alexa results every single day. In today’s fast paced technologically advanced environment we must target our message like never before.


1. LJhooker.com.au – (Ranked 949) – Last week’s rank (931)

2. MarquetteTurner.com – (Ranked 2888) – Last week’s rank (3295)

3. Mcgrath.com.au – (Ranked 4211) – Last week’s rank (no data available)

4. Hockingstuart.com.au – (Ranked 7630) – Last week’s rank (6393)

5. Raywhite.com.au – (Ranked 6671) – Last week’s rank (6519)

# Based on Alexa rankings June 19, 2009

For more information on website rankings go to www.alexa.com



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