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Real Estate Resources by Country on MarquetteTurner.com

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Investing in Property, Marquette Turner, Resources, Variety

Here at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes we’re always looking at ways to improve the usefulness and functionality of MarquetteTurner.com

In response to many of your suggestions, this week we launched the first batch of our real estate resource pages, allowing readers to find useful topics and links by country including:

Buying Guides;

Economics & Statistics;

Forums & Blogs;

Landlord & Tenant;




Yellow Pages & Directories;

Country Description;

Investment Climate;


Magazines & Blogs;

Travel & Tourism


So far we’ve completed America, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines and Thailand. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding many more countries, and we’re open to your suggestions as to which ones we add next.

The pages can be easily accessed by the “Resources” button on the top navigation bar of the site, and also at the bottom right hand side of all pages.

CLICK HERE to go straight to the Resources page.

We welcome your feedback and hope that you find these resources useful.

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