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Real Estate Agents Revealed: Top 5 House Selling Secrets 

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Variety

Like any other sale, selling your house too demands a specialised skill in line with the interest of your TG (target group). Having said that, we mean, your house doesn’t appeal to every house buyer. You can understand this better take a close look at your taste and preferences compared to others in your known circle. In fact, that’s how millions of products have been launched and doing rounds in the markets around the world. We thus take this opportunity to take you through 5 house selling secrets befitting your purpose.

  • Know your house well: You must have a fair idea (free from any biases) about your house’s uniqueness such as its elevation that gives a panoramic view of the city or maybe the nearby garden and other important things like roads, airport, public transport convenience, to say the least here. Simultaneously, the stuff like the window panes, flooring, natural air and light, architectural nuances that help your house stand out in the neighbourhood would also count here. Get a valuation done on your house by a certified property consultant.

  • Create a story around your house: Once you have those unique values of your house ready and quantifiable in your hand, think seriously about taking those elements of your house on a serious note especially from the viewpoint of a prospective buyer. This will enable you to concoct a sales pitch for your house and rehearse the story several times until you are satisfied on its standard. Having said that, we mean, your storytelling about your own house must appear real and genuine and without any encumbrance. To understand the quality of your sales pitch, you can narrate it to your close circle such as family, friends, and colleagues. They might suggest you a thing or two to perfect the storytelling further.


  • Let the world read the story: The next step is to let the world read the story. You can do it easily by creating a page for your house on the popular networking sites such as G+, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. At the same time, talk to your neighbours, friends, and people are known to you about your desire to sell your house.


  • Be pragmatic: Always be pragmatic in your approach with a view to selling your house. This will help you stay grounded during the entire exercise of house selling. For instance, you will be able to handle queries of your prospects productively thereby will achieve fast resolution here.


  • Amiability: Amiability of a seller is a must to close a fast sale. It’s like the customer care that you receive after purchasing something for your own use.

It is equally important to understand that like the five fingers of your hand, your house too may have something that your prospective buyer may not like. Avoid becoming defensive on that. How you explain the same to the prospect will make a difference to your value proposition to its entirety and at the same time, will decide the future of selling your house fast to the prospect.


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