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Quick tips for moving into a new home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

You have just decided to move houses and venture into new territory. The reasons for a move vary from person to person. It could be because you are moving into a safer neighbourhood or it’s much closer to work. Moving requires much preparation ahead of time so you’re not frantic the week before the move. The more organised you are, the smoother the moving process should be.

Here are a few guidelines on moving


Start by organising your house. Get rid of any items that you do not need. Donate, throw them away or put them in a box. If you have not worn some of your clothes in ten years, and they are still in good condition, why not consider donating them to someone in need? If you haven’t worn them for that long, chances are you won’t in the future.

Throw away any items that are just filling up space in your house. That broken toaster that hasn’t been used in months and is stored up in your kitchen cabinets needs to go to the bin.The more you declutter your house before you move, the fewer boxes you will have to fill up.

Do your homework

Take the time to research the moving company you want to use. Do not be lured by an extremely low price. Find out more on the company and the work they’ve done. There are many people who need extra money and pose as moving companies. Do a screen test on the moving company and Google them to find out if they are legitimate. After all, your valuables are at stake. Investigating the company you’re interested in might seem tedious but it could save you a headache in the future.

Fragile items

Fragile items need protection when they are packed. They can easily be damaged as the truck is on the road. The shock from any sudden sharp stops or bumps along the way could end up crushing what you have packed. Items that are fragile and can easily be broken should be protected. They have to be contained in such a way that they don’t shatter along the way.

Newspapers should be wrapped around plates and sealed with scotch tape. The box in which they will be placed should be padded with bubble wrap. The plates should be stored vertically in the box.

Loose packing peanuts should be added into the box. These are needed so they can fill up the empty spaces in the box. This way, the plates won’t bump into each other and cause breakage during the transportation.

Corrugated fibreboard should be placed between the plates in order to give them support and structure.

Glasses and mugs should have crushed newspapers in them and then they should be rolled in a paper towel. And lastly, covered with newspaper on the outside as well.


When you’re moving, you’ll obviously need boxes. There are a number of places where you can get them, so it shouldn’t be difficult in the slightest.

You can ask the manager of a supermarket if they have any boxes you can use. If that doesn’t work, you can always go to a shopping centre, which is filled with shops so you’ll easily be able to find spare boxes. Plus, you can ask for shoe boxes at shoe stores. You can use these to store any small items, such as stationery, accessories, jewellery or even socks.

Label all the boxes

Make sure all the boxes are clearly marked. If the box is carrying a heavy load, label it. If it contains fragile items make sure it’s clearly marked so the movers can be careful when handling your items. To keep a track of all the boxes, number each one, make a list of the items and make sure they correspond to the numbers.

Bedding and curtains

You can place bedding, linens and curtains in boxes. Wrap them around with tissue and put them in the box. The curtains can also be hung in the wardrobe since there will be space in them during the move. Moving companies usually provide special boxes to contain mattresses but be aware that there will likely be a charge.

Moving into a new home can be extremely exciting because you’re starting afresh. All that is required is just a little preparation ahead of time. Organise your items, and label all your boxes. Make sure you take inventory of all the items going in the truck. If you are well-prepared then the moving process shouldn’t be a hassle.

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