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Queensland Real Estate leads to Galactic Real Estate

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Space Travel – A New Dimension in Luxury Travel!

While flying on Virgin Blue to Sunshine Coast in Queensland last week, I had to question what year I was living in? I read an advertisement about a competition to win 25,000,000 points to be redeemed on a Virgin Galactic flight, the world’s first spaceline!!

Virgin Galactic plans to fly 50,000 paying guests (at a mere cost of $240,000 per ticket) into space on Space Ship Two (SS2) over the next 10 years.

Picture 4.png

Attached to the ‘mothership’ White Knight Two (WK2), SS2 is flown to 50,000 feet and released. WK2 flies back to base while SS2’s hybrid rocket engine kicks in and blasts it through the Earth’s atmosphere at almost four times the speed of sound in a 45 second burn.

The rest is silence as the craft enters space and the rocket is turned off, leaving SS2 to drift to its maximum altitude of 360,000 feet and its six passengers free to enjoy the effects of zero gravity and the view of the earth below.

Picture 5.png

Then it’s homeward bound as the SS2 flexes its wings for re-entry and glides home from 70,000 feet for a conventional runway landing.

To book your ticket, go to Virgin Galactic Mission Control or contact an Accredited Space Agent (ASA) – visit virgingalactic.com

Wow – the foresight of Richard Branson is amazing.

Picture 7.png

christine-watson.jpg Christine Watson

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