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Put a lid on it! How to deep-clean your bathroom

by emily

in Lifestyle

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, hence the need for cleanliness. Not only should you keep it clean for your visitors but to avoid any bacteria and smelly odours from building up, you need to ensure that you are deep-cleaning your bathroom every now and then.

Bathrooms are different to normal rooms as they require more cleaning in certain areas. So, start by spraying and disinfecting the toilet, shower and bath with cleaning products. Then move onto the floors, walls and other areas while the products are soaking into the tiles and doing their work. Here are a few tips on how to clean your bathroom effectively:

Importance of cleaning the walls and ceiling

First things first, open your bathroom windows to get rid of the humidity in the room. If you have an extractor fan in your bathroom, be sure to clean that regularly as it easily collects all the dust and mildew from odours and dirt over time. If you’ve noticed your ceiling becoming dirty in the bathroom, that happens because there is still an extraordinary amount of dust that gathers in the bathroom. Mix that dirt with water and the walls can start looking incredibly dirty over time. If you don’t clean your walls or ceilings regularly enough, it will start turning into mildew which will cause a bacteria build up. This is a health hazard.

Getting started on the toilet

Your toilet can say a lot about your cleaning abilities. Before you start scrubbing anything, scour away those unwanted toilet stains by turning the water off at the wall and then flushing to empty the bowl. The most important places to scour is under the rim and around the waterline.

Often when you clean your toilet, you forget to pick up the seat. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tackle hidden bacteria around the seat. And if you are potty training your kids, this is necessary.

When there is a urine spill that dries up, you’ll be amazed by how much smelly bacteria can build up around the seat bolts. There’s a variety of different products to use to keep your toilet fresh and clean. If you wash your bowl frequently, to avoid stains and bacteria, your bathroom will never smell.

Washing the shower and the bath

White vinegar is a great agent to use to help remove any mineral buildup around the shower head. Try to soak the vinegar into the shower head and leave it overnight. This will clean the mould that has been built up, shining it again. Once you have left it overnight, scrub the shower head with an old toothbrush to really get between the little grooves. In the actual shower, make sure you get around to cleaning the mildew off the sides of the shower. You can also do this once you’ve disinfected the shower. All those stubborn, green bits will eventually fall off easily. Next up is the shower door. There is nothing more disgusting than stepping into a shower that has a filthy door or curtain. Soak the plastic curtain in washing powder with white vinegar, or run it through the machine. When it comes to the doors and walls, scrub them with a multi-purpose cleaner. If you can, leave that overnight and then wash it away with hot water. With your bath, remove stains around the bath with baking soda. Wait a few minutes before wiping away.

Sink cleaning time

Whether it’s your washing sink or your shower and bath sink, remove all the hair that is clogging the drain. This needs to be done regularly to avoid the drain from blocking. A good way to remove the mineral build up is with some lemon. Once a month, remove and wash the plug with hot, soapy water. You can also wash the drains with baking soda to remove any stains or residue build up.

Brighten up those floors

Vacuum the dust away before mopping the floors. Especially if you have little kids that mess around the toilet pot or anyone else for that matter, make sure you disinfect your floors and wash them with a \multi-purpose cleaner. This will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and your floors looking clean.

Keep it clean and fresh at all times

Leaving your bathroom without cleaning it for a couple of days is the worst thing that you can do to it. Unfortunately, this room cannot be cleaned once a week because of the amount of use it gets. With so many odours and bacteria that could be floating around in your bathroom, it is bound to make it smell bad.

A tip to keeping your bathroom sets clean and fresh at all times is treating a mess the minute it happens. Don’t leave things to dry and mould. Put some disinfectant wipes and spray in your bathroom storage unit for any mistakes that could happen. Not only will this save you time and effort on the bigger, less frequent deep-cleans, but it will ensure that your bathroom is always as clean as possible.

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