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Protect Your Luxury Home Properly

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Resources, Security, Variety

You’ve spent a lot of your hard earned money buying a luxurious home. It’s in a great town, with great people and fabulous views. Buying a nice home in the country won’t solve all the problems of modern life as there will still be villains who will attempt – and usually succeed – in breaking and entering into your beautiful property.

Early Warning System

Dogs. Dogs are great if you have a house to protect as they will alert you to anyone who is sneaking around who shouldn’t be. It is also a great deterrent as any burglar who hears the barking of a –seemingly – ferocious dog will run quicker than you can yell ‘swag’! If you have a house set in grounds then it is a really good idea to have a few dogs patrolling for you in the garden as this way you will always be protected and have your own walking alarm system.

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Call the Guy

By this, I mean you should hire professional guards to stand sentry at your gates and to patrol the perimeter. I would say you need about two guys and obviously only if you property is large enough to require them. They aren’t that expensive to hire and they can offer some great peace of mind.


This is a must; an absolute must. Even if they don’t work, there is never a better deterrent (with the exception of laser guided missiles) at keeping burglars out of your property and away from your things. When they work, it’s great, for if one brave (or completely oblivious) intruder does break in, then the police know where to start their search as you have provided them with solid evidence.

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Don’t be an Easy Target

This is where you need some common sense. Don’t leave windows open, even if they’re those ones that can only be opened a crack as burglars can still use these fishing rod-esque devices to fish out objects and keys from which they can then open the door.

Don’t leave really valuable jewellery on display near a window as the burglar might then make the decision that your house is worth the risk of getting caught.

There are hundreds of things to think about so make sure you don’t get careless and sloppy.

Ward of the Repeat Offender

It has been known that once a burglary has taken place, the culprits may wait for your insurance company to replace what was stolen, only to then come back. Now this is very rare, however it does happen and you’d hate for it to happen to you because you were careless. Make sure if you do suffer a break in that you replace the locks through metrolocks.co.uk locksmiths and sort the place out, understand the weaknesses of the property and learn from them.

If you are worried, then speak to a security firm and consult with them on what you can do to ensure that your possessions and property stays safe.


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