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Pros and cons of living in gated communities

by emily

in Variety


Living in a gated community often comes with an extravagant price tag. That hasn’t been a hindrance to the proud homeowners who live there. After all, the monetary sacrifices they endure are worth the peace of mind, security and amenities they experience living behind those gated community fences.

Here are a few pros and cons which come with living in a gated community.


Safe haven

Gated communities are for those seeking personal safety and safety for their families. If you’re a visitor you can’t just enter a gated community, you first have to go through the security who’ll ask for proper identification. And, then a call will be made to the resident to verify if they’re expecting a visitor and the visitor usually also has to sign in before they enter the premises. Gated communities also have CCTV throughout the whole premises.

Burglars hate an audience and the presence of a boom gate and security guard could be enough to deter them. Burglars often target homes which have poor security features. And they could find the homes in these communities too much effort to target. Adequate security features will keep perpetrators away. If an estate experiences malfunctions with their boom gates, they can visit  www.turnstar.co.za in order to find the best equipment for the access control system.

Residents can also be comforted knowing the security service is 24/7 and they patrol all day looking for any suspicious activity.

Reduced traffic

A reduced noise level is often the bait for many residents seeking a tranquil environment for their families. Gated communities have fewer cars driving down the streets which make it safer for kids to ride their bicycles. And there’s less noise pollution than other busy suburbs which are exposed to heavy traffic.

Loud noises from neighbours preventing you from getting enough sleep will be a thing of the past. In a gated community you can be guaranteed to experience some form of peace and quiet, because noise is monitored.


Families will get the privacy and the prestige of living in a gated community. Investing in a gated community will give the seclusion and exclusivity you won’t get in other neighbourhoods.

Clean environment

The landscapes are maintained and gardens are well groomed. You can take long walks with your dogs and enjoy nature. In a stand alone house, it’s your sole responsibility to make sure the lawn is neat and groomed. In a gated community, the body corporate is responsible.


Gated communities offer people a sense of belonging. You’ll get to meet neighbours at the community pool, gym, tennis court or club house..



Gated communities often have to comply with strict architectural rules and regulations such as sticking to specific colours to paint houses, or first getting approval for structural changes. If you love versatility you could struggle to stick to all the protocols which come with living in a gated community.


Living in a gated community comes at a high price. Houses in gated communities are expensive because of all the added benefits you get such as security and maintenance of the lawns and private roads.   


Gated communities are often located on the outskirts of cities which could be very inconvenient. If the gated community has limited amenities like shopping centres or schools in them, then residents could find it a hindrance to drive out if they want to pop to a restaurant and get food or take their children to school. If the gated community is located far away, it could cost you petrol and time to travel to supermarkets or schools.

Maintenance costs

Most gated communities have standards they must maintain. The beauty you see in a gated community comes at a price. In order for the lawns to be groomed, the streets to be swept and the overall maintenance of the community, a certain fee has to be paid by the tenants each month.

The biggest drawcard of gated communities is the 24/7 security which they’ll get. You’ll be able to take a long walk while surrounded by beautiful landscapes which are manicured and your kids can play outside and enjoy their freedom. And you’ll also be away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city.



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