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Pros And Cons Of An Oil To Gas Heating Conversion

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Lifestyle, Resources, Variety

With winter approaching, you can’t sit on the fence any longer about your heating system. Either you will stick with oil heating for the time being or you have to get moving with your gas conversion. Is a switch worth the money you will spend?

Pros of Oil

If you heat your house and water with oil then it’s convenient to stick with what you have. There’s no disruption to worry about the way a gas fire installation would interfere with life. You won’t have to get rid of your oil tank. Switching to gas costs a fair bit of money at the outset, too, and you would just as soon save that to spend on Christmas gifts. Besides: gas can explode under unsafe conditions.

Keep warm in winter

Pros of Gas

Gas comes to your house through underground pipes. There is no tank and no delivery to think about so if bad weather sets in and the oil truck is held up, households with gas are still toasty warm. You had to wait for there to be a group delivery anyway: the oil man wouldn’t make the trip for just one house.

Gas costs less than oil in the long run with bills amounting to anything from 2/3 to ½ the price every month. Whereas oil smells bad, gas doesn’t smell like anything. While some would say this is a safety hazard where detecting leaks is concerned, Carbon monoxide monitors deal with that. Explosions are rare, thanks to more stringent safety regulations and high-tech systems.

Efficient Fuels

Gas is a more efficient fuel than oil, wood, and coal. They burn up quickly to produce lots of heat for a short time. Gas burns hotter and more consistently. This is one reason gas is cheaper. Although you will certainly have to pay to have gas diverted to your home, there are tax credits for selecting a highly efficient furnace and boiler. Your local gas provider might also offer free hook-up as a way to encourage this switch. There are still costs involved with installation and new appliances, but hiring heating and cooling contractors ensures the job is completed safely. With lower monthly bills, a new gas installation will pay for itself rapidly.

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