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Promoting and Selling A Commercial Property

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The commercial real estate property sector in the US is worth $6 trillion and the outlook for commercial real estate assets is very good. Some new opportunities have also emerged such as multistorey industrial, health care facilities, and workforce housing according to the CBRE’s 2019 US Outlook. Marketing a property that will reach the most number of people who will invest in real estate or targeting a specific niche of buyers is crucial so that you can sell it quickly at a good price.

Clean the Property and Keep it as Good as New

There are several ways to prepare a commercial property for sale, but cleaning it thoroughly inside and outside is one of the most important. Giving walls, floors, windows, ceilings, and fixtures including lights a good scrubbing ensures that it is presentable and gives the impression or demonstrates that it is well-maintained and in a good condition. It also reduces exposure to hazardous matter and improves sanitation.

Another benefit of cleaning and removing stains on the walls or ceilings is that you can see if they need a fresh coat of paint. You might also find out other damages that should be fixed such as broken switches, outlets or busted bulbs/lights, leaking roofs,  poor air intake, or expired fire and emergency equipment.

Take Good Quality Photos and Prepare a Compelling Copy

Photos do speak a thousand words. If you take the right photos showing off the best features of a property, you are going attract potential clients if they see something that resonates with them.

However, great photos won’t necessarily translate into a sale without a compelling description. If you can’t make a strong and emotive description of your property, hire a seasoned copywriter to prepare one for you. For example, the copy might sell the whole package – property, its location, zone, and the neighborhood.

Use Technology to Complement Marketing Strategies

Pretty much like what is done for residential houses, you can also use virtual tours to attract visitors to the website and the property. Include a staging software that web guests can use to rearrange furniture, assign spaces, or decorate walls.

Other marketing tactics will include putting up the for sale sign on the property, printing flyers, using billboards, and even sending SMS to a list of clients who are looking to buy commercial real estate. Plus, competitive pricing and getting your papers in order are going to help your property sell.

Marketing and selling a commercial property need a comprehensive approach that includes basic cleaning, repairs, good pricing, and great staging. If you can manage to sell the best points of a commercial real estate, it will not likely stay long in the market.

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