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Promising realty investments outside the housing market

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in commercial real estate, Real Estate Radar, Variety

The US housing market is headed for its biggest slowdown in years, with affordability a ‘headache’ for buyers.

This is according to Bloomsberg Businessweek, which claims that buyers are being ‘squeezed by rising mortgage rates and by prices climbing about twice as fast as incomes.’

Home sales are at their slowest for eight months and prices for existing homes climbed by 6.4 per cent in May 2018. Ed Stansfield, chief property economist at Capital Economics Ltd in London, said, ‘People are saying: Let’s just bide our time, there’s no great rush. If we wait six or nine months we’re not going to lose out on getting a foot on the ladder.

‘we’re now looking at a period in which prices move more or less sideways, or increase no more quickly than growth in incomes, over the next few years.’

That means investment in the housing property market isn’t at its best – but that isn’t the only option on the table. If you’re a budding businessperson who was hoping to make their fortune on the property ladder, there are other revenue streams in real estate that could be more profitable.

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look at a few companies that have made the most of their real estate – they could inspire you to move away from the slowing housing market.

Car parks

There are 236.6 million cars in the US – and they all need somewhere to park.

Parking lots consistently run at a premium in the US, and can make savvy owners a mean buck.

This is even truer in large complexes like airports – as brand Looking4.com has discovered.

They understand that parking your car at most airports is a nightmare, so the British-based company offers valet parking at a huge number of international airports.

You can find them in Atlanta, Orlando, LA and many international locations. Take a leaf out of their book and you could become a million-dollar enterprise.


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The industrial property market was firing on all cylinders in 2017, according to a report by Colliers.

According to the report, ‘At year-end 2017, only 5.1% of the nation’s industrial space was vacant—the lowest rate on record despite 243 million square feet of new supply being completed in 2017.’

Warehouse supplier SoucyUSA has a strong foothold in the warehouse industry across the US, and understands the value in strategically placing their warehouses near the US/Canada border for effective international trading.

Take a look at their site to see their strategy for effective property purchasing.

Retail premises

While many retail outlets continue to close thanks to internet giants like Amazon and eBay, the amount being invested into building new commercial outlets remains healthy at 86.95 billion dollars.

Shop Property has spent years providing commercial property to retail startups, and is a perfect blueprint for the property-purchasing novice on how to build a modest empire.

That’s our list! Got any hot tips on the property market? Then let us know in the comments below!


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