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Private Brokerage

Participating in the market for Luxury properties demands extraordinary intelligence, diligence and discretion. This is true for Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and especially true for properties in excess of $3 million.

The Private Brokerage Division of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes absolutely excels in this arena and our methodology and expertise is comparable to the finest “private banking” divisions of commercial banks and trust companies. Our track record and international recognition are “proof positive”.

In this exclusive market every sale is unique and strategies must be customized. Confidentiality is absolutely vital and details around ownership and future intentions must be carefully protected.

Our Private Brokerage Division deals with some of the finest residences throughout the World and is trusted by such brands as the Four Seasons, Raffles and the Ritz Carlton.

In short, there is no finer team to deal with Luxury properties both domestically and abroad. Our individual property pages are offered in more than 40 languages and no other team has such enormous capability to attract International buyers from every continent around the globe.

The Marquette Turner Luxury Homes Private Brokerage Division is one of the finest in the World and has access to some of the best Agents & Brokers in more than 65 countries to assist in the sales process – truly Global, truly Elite!

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the sale of your home through our Private Brokerage Division.