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Preparing for an Open House

by emily

in How to, Lifestyle, Variety


Selling youopen house 2r home can be an emotional experience. It’s not just the place where you’ve lived, slept and woken up. It’s the place where you’ve created memories. But it’s time to move on and, once you’ve put up that “for sale” sign, there’s no time for second thoughts.

So, you and your real estate agent decide to hold an open house. But you’re nervous, and justifiably so. Those viewing your home may know what they’re doing and how to make the most of an open house, but do you? Are you really prepared? You can leave the selling up to the agent, but there things you should do before opening your home up to strangers.

Lock away valuables – It would be great if we could put up man traps before every open house, but that’s just not possible. A thief could make it out the door with your most prized jewellery before anyone even noticed. So, lock up any valuables that are easy to grab and hide. You don’t want someone walking away with your brand-new iPad.

Don’t be flashy – Try to conceal any large, expensive items that would appeal to thieves. Open houses don’t just attract potential buyers, they also attract potential thieves. You never know who could be walking through your house trying to decide whether it would be worth breaking in later. While the Smart TV or the state-of-the-art entertainment system may make your house look better, it also ould make you a target.

Guard your identity – Don’t leave any personal documents lying around. Don’t just worry about credit card bills and personal letters. Identity thieves can use a variety of things to get your information, even magazine subscriptions. So, don’t leave your mail, store cards, or documents lying around. You never know who may take the opportunity to open a new credit card in your name.

Pack away breakables – It’s a less sinister threat, but people do accidentally break things when they tour open houses. Vases get knocked over and glasses get nudged off tables. So pack away anything that could easily be broken.

Open houses attract all types. Most people who come to view your home are actually looking to buy or are curious about what’s available, but there are opportunists as well. Real estate agents don’t usually like the homeowners hanging around during an open house. But if you are there, try to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or ask the agent to.

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