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Possibly the Most Expensive Shed in the World

by Marquette Turner

in Lifestyle, Travel, Variety

It is always interesting to discover things that are the World’s most expensive, so coming across what is possibly the most expensive shed in the World is unsurprisingly curious.

Originally built in 1786 by a farmer who would bring his herd of cows from the valley to pasture during the summer months, the Walig Hut is located 5000 feet up in the beautiful Swiss Alps, a 30 minute drive from Gstaad, and offers great views of Gstaad and the Saanenland.

It now forms part of the Gstaad Palace Hotel who have restored the shed as an interesting vacation option for its romantic and nature-loving guests.

Still maintaining much of its original charm rather than becoming a faceless renovation, the shed is spacious and comfortable and features a kitchen and dining area, a separate dining area plus a large double-bedroom.

Comforts include solar powered electric lighting, a sink, running water (just cold, mind you!), a log fire and a chunky duvet to warm you from the Alpine chill, whilst traditional features include a wood burning stove, and a traditional farmhouse latrine.

Together with a three course meal, plus wine and champagne, each night’s stay will cost you $1573 USD.

For those that think this price is as steep as the mountain on which it is located, the Walig Hut is popular for lunch and dinner occasions: for example a luxurious picnic costs $146 USD per person.

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www.business-find.co.uk/ March 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm

I was expecting a really over the top shed but instead this sounds like a relic!

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