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What your decor says about you

The moment visitors step inside your home they examine your taste in decor. The portrait on your wall may symbolise your deep understanding for art or it may indicate that you are a deep thinker. Furniture choices, decorative features and the colour of your walls all form as a  reflection of your personality. Bright, bold […]

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Funky ways to liven up your living room

Traditional decorating that incorporates earth-tones such as browns, camels, beige, khaki and the like are all safe colours to choose for your living room. These colours are inviting and have a peaceful and charismatic feel to them. We aren’t used to stepping out of comfort zone because we fear that our choices will look hideous. […]

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Making the best of minimal space

For many, small spaces can feel suffocating and for some it can have a cosy feeling. Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that minimal space in your home means that there is less functionality. Decorating a small space can get tricky, because you may not want to overcrowd your space and you may not […]

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Declutter Your Home in Seven Steps

A cluttered home isn’t the same thing as a messy home. When you clean a messy home it is clean. But if you clean a cluttered home it somehow still doesn’t feel clean. You know the junk is still close by, ready to burst out from that storage cupboard straining on its hinges. Decluttering your […]

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DIY and home improvement

Smart Home Improvements that Add Value to a Property

Selling a home is not always easy unless you live in a property hotspot. It is also expensive to move house, so your plan B might be to remodel or make some home improvements instead of splashing out on a new property. This is all well and good, but you would be sensible to take […]

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A Tidy Home for a Tidy Mind

Keeping our homes neat and tidy is not only good for when unexpected guests come round, it is also important for our health and wellness. Decluttering is something which we should do often. Think of spring cleaning as an important annual event with regular, monthly decluttering sessions thrown in to keep on top of clutter. […]

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The Ice Hotel in Sweden is the Ultimate Travel Experience

The world famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden has over 80 rooms built each year from snow and crystal clear ice, taken from the waters of the local river Torne. The interior, at between -5°C to -8°C, actually feels quite pleasant, especially when outside temperatures can drop to around -37°C!

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How to Spend a Night to Remember: Hire a Country

The principality of Liechtenstein, bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east, is just 160 square metres and has the second highest GDP in the world, has decided to make itself available to private clients from $70,000 a night, complete with customised street signs and temporary currency.

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Bulgari to Open Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts has signed an agreement to open a Bulgari Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge in Spring 2012, which will have design elements harking back to its silversmith origins.

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Price of Sprawling Las Vegas Estate Cut by a Third

The home, most recently listed for $37.5 million USD, is now asking $25 million USD. It had, at one point, when owned by a Brunei Prince been quietly marketed for $60 million USD and is one of the largest private residences in Nevada. Located five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the estate was reportedly […]

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