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MT Luxury Homes October 2014 Newsletter

7 Homes that are too Cool to be Real, Top 5 Luxury Property Markets in Asia, Stella McCartney’s Stallion Chandelier, Virtual Yoga, and more… View this email in your browser 7 Homes that are Almost Too Cool to be Real >> READ MORE >> 7 Homes that are Almost Too Cool to be Real Whether […]

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MT Luxury Homes newsletter

MT Luxury Homes Newsletter 30 Sep 2014

Why Location is so Important When Buying Property >> READ MORE › 5 Amazing Castles in Scotland It’s been a big year for the Scottish, but for a country with such a proud heritage, that’s to be expected.  You’ve seen some of these castles in movies and on TV, now find out more… READ MORE › The […]

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Simon Turner Links for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Simon Turner, MA Co-Founder Marquette Turner Luxury Homes The Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’s “Most Outstanding Agency Under 2 Years Old” & “Best Brand”     NOTICE: The information contained in this email is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, you may not disclose or use the information in this email in any […]

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Period Properties May Become the Luxury Homes of the Future

By the year 2030, period properties might be the preserve of the rich. Rising fuel prices will mean that a household in an older property will need a minimum annual income of £100,000 ($166,000 USD)* to stay out of fuel poverty (which is defined by a household needing to spend more than 10 per cent […]

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Images on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

As the saying goes, an image paints a thousand words, and when it comes to the thousands of images featured by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes on MarquetteTurner.com on luxury real estate and their luxury bathrooms, luxury kitchens, luxury bedrooms, modern lighting and the many other topics that we feature, such a saying has never been […]

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Rent Luxury Homes Around the World Through These Websites

It’s that time of the year again and holiday destinations are getting jam-packed with tourists. Have you decided how to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve? The rich and famous are flying out to exotic locations around the world to make merry, so why stay behind and do it the modest way when you […]

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Infill Homes – Living in a Luxury Home Without Breaking The Bank

As a new generation of citizens are beginning to discover, the words infill homes and luxury accommodation do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Indeed, with many urban city centres both nationwide and worldwide recognising the positive aspects of new building projects, a new era of cost-effective luxury is fast approaching. What are infill homes? […]

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Thumbnail image for MTtv – The Property Channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes (VIDEO)

MTtv – The Property Channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes (VIDEO)

MTtv is the property video channel from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes featuring real estate listings for sale and other location & community videos.

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Thumbnail image for EXPLORE Online Content from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

EXPLORE Online Content from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

EXPLORE makes it easy to discover all the content featured on MarquetteTurner.com. Organised alphabetically using common search terms, simply click on the topic links that interest you and start exploring! Architecture Apps Art & Artists Blogs Business News Celebrities Charities Clear the Air Contact Us Design Eco-Living Environment Events Facebook Food & Drink Foreign Exchange […]

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