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Outdoor entertainment tips for small-space areas

by emily

in Variety

As we grow older, we often prefer to spend time with friends and family in the comfort of our own homes. Although having a night out on the town can be fun, indoor parties can be just as entertaining, if not more when you have space. Always remember that a memorable party does not refer to the size of the space you have but rather the people you share it with.

Whether you have a small patio, backyard or a small deck, there are a number of ways to redo your small outside area to make it suitable for entertainment nights. Read below for interesting ways you can transform your small space into an outdoor entertainment area.

Get the right patio furniture for your small space

Choosing suitable furniture is one of the first things you need to do when planning your backyard. There are several stores which offer a wide range of patio furniture that can fit your petite space perfectly. If your space is limited, a small table with a few chairs is the perfect way to go. 

With the right patio furniture, you can invite your friends and family over and have a sitting area for them to unwind, comfortably. When dealing with small spaces, one of the best things to do is to find ways to make it visually appear bigger. By doing that, you can get away with having more decor or furniture elements in your backyard. 

Wooden decks

Now that you know what furniture is best for your patio, you need to think about your flooring. Wooden decking is one of the most preferred flooring garden designs and there is a reason for that. One of those reasons is that wooden decking matches with any furniture and design. It can give your garden a clean, neat and aesthetically pleasing look. So, if you are looking to purchase wood for garden decks, there are a number of South African decking suppliers. 

Another beneficial reason why you should have wooden decks is that they are perfect all-year-round. Now, you won’t need to worry about dirty track stains on your kitchen floor during winter, when people come in and out of the house. A key thing to remember when wanting to build a wooden patio is to make sure; you choose the right area. The main reason behind this is that you need to consider how it will connect back to your house. The best way to do this is to mark out space, as this will give you a clear idea of how big your patio will be. 

Arrange your garden furniture

The next step would be to arrange your garden furniture. Try and set up the furniture in a charming corner. That way, you aren’t taking up much space, making it appear bigger. Next, you would arrange your cushions. Scatter cushions are a great addition to any outdoor area, and it can completely change the look of your patio. When choosing the right colour for your scatter cushions, try to find vibrant colours. But make sure that you choose colours that won’t get dirty easily, especially if you plan to have a lot of parties and people over.  

Create a small braai area 

Having a braai area is a must-have. When planning a braai area, you need to think about the location, the size and features. Even if you have a small outside area, you can invest in a petite built-in braai area in the corner. This will complete your garden look and will give you many unforgettable moments with your loved ones. 

Have a few pot plants 

Every outdoor area needs a few plants. Plants have a way of making a house feel like a home. Although you won’t be getting big pot plants, you can start with a few small ones to brighten up your space. Small pot plants are excellent at making a place seem curated but also not too overcrowded because they can fit anywhere. 

When choosing a plant, try and choose plants with vibrant colours to help with the overall look you’re trying to achieve. If space is limited, then having a vertical garden would be a good idea. Vertical gardens are stunning, and they’re perfect for petite garden areas.

Final thoughts 

Nothing is stopping you from creating the garden of your dreams. With the right planning, small backyards can become the outside area you have always envisioned. It all boils down to doing the right research, purchasing the right pieces and trusting your instinct. Because you know the type of look you’re trying to achieve, so trust yourself and the process.

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