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Our Latest Microfinance Loan: Kanoni Tweyambe Group A-kihihi Kihihi, Uganda: Agriculture

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The latest microfinance loan made by Marquette Turner via KIVA.org is our 51st.

Twenty-eight year old Annet Akampurira is a tea farmer who operates from Kayonza in Kihihi district, Uganda. Annet, like many other enterprising young women in Uganda, has been striving to be an exception to the stereotype that women cannot be in charge of their destinies.

Kanoni Tweyambe - Group A-kihihi Kihihi, Uganda

Annet, who is happily married with 6 kids, has been engaged in overseeing a tea production and sales business for the last 7 years. Through the course of these years, she has been making her own decisions on how to run her business without any help. Tea is among the highest selling cash crops in Uganda, and Annet says she has never regretted the decision she took to begin this business. At her farm, she does not just grow tea but also bananas that she also sells after harvesting.

Monthly, she says this business generates her shillings 260,000, and she says with this loan she is going to purchase fertilizers and manure to improve her yields and the fertility of her tea farm. Annet belongs to Kanoni Tweyambe group-Kihihi.

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