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Old Wives’ Tales (#1-6)

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Old Wives Club, Old Wives Tales

Old Wives’ tales are urban legends, throughout the world. And, regardless of how much truth they hold or how much superstition they suggest, the advice on nutrition, puberty, manners, and pregnancy, to name but a few topics, are fun to read nonetheless.

Picture 36.png

1) Children need to keep their mouths shut and their bowels open.

2) Firm fat on meat is much better for you.

3) A swan’s feather sewn into your husband’s pillow will ensure fidelity.

4) If you see a spider spinning a new web, you are about to receive new clothes.

5) You will meet a new friend if you run into a spider’s web.

6) When a rooster crows at midnight, a spirit is passing.


Christine Watson

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