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OLD WIVES’ CLUB: Old Wives’ Tales on “Clothing”

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Old Wives Club, Old Wives Tales

Old Wives’ tales are urban legends, throughout the world. And, regardless of how much truth they hold or how much superstition they suggest, the advice on nutrition, puberty, manners, and pregnancy, to name but a few topics, are fun to read nonetheless.

In this article I’m looking at the “tales” on Clothing.


– It is good luck to wear any item of clothing inside out, although you must not change it until the time you would normally take it off, otherwise the luck will not stay with you.

– It is unlucky to drop your glove and pick it up yourself, although if someone else picks it up for you, good luck will follow both of you.

– When dressing it is unlucky to put your left arm, leg or foot into anything first.

– If a girl’s bra or pants should slip down, it is a sign someone who loves her is thinking of her.

– It is a good omen if stockings hanging on a washing line curl around each other.

– A girl who puts Valerian in her underwear will be irresistible to men.


– A woman who wears a man’s hat is signaling she wants to be kissed.

– It is good luck if you tie someone else’s shoe laces.

Christine Watson

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Natural Baby Carriers July 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Pretty good clothing there. Thank you for sharing this very good article.

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