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Newcastle – The Forgotten City

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views, Variety

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes does a considerable amount of work with clients in Newcastle selling their Luxury Homes. They want the wonderful features of the city to be properly and fully communicated to a national and international audience – it’s sad that the “local” agents focus on advertising in the local newspaper, which I must say is a mess of jumbled ads in no order whatsoever.

The advertisements are in agency order (advertising the agency) but are not in suburb or price order making the process of short-listing all but impossible. Some agencies choose to pack in over 50 property advertisements to each page, with luxury homes next to cheap apartments – therefore with no understanding of how to truly showcase a Luxury Home to a worldwide audience.

Newcastle is the city where I was born and educated – it has undergone tremendous transformation and has some of the most spectacular coastline and beaches I have seen anywhere in the world.

Most people wouldn’t think of Newcastle as the wonderful place I am describing because for too long it has been the forgotten city. Forgotten by successive Labor State Governments who have taken the votes of the city for granted and a short cited Council that has been factional and lost sight of what is in the best interest of the people they were elected to represent. I was in Newcastle in 1989 when the horrible earthquake struck and I have watched the slow (at times stalled) progress of the building recovery and still 20 years on there is an enormous amount to be done to repair and reconstruct.

When we see Olympic Games awarded to cities and watch the progress they make in just 7 years to put on the showcase of international sport it makes me wonder why Newcastle is still crawling along? It’s a city that provides enormous lifestyle opportunities – it has great beaches, wonderful ocean baths, beautiful parks, a great University, easy access to the countryside, wine district and Port Stephens water wonderland. In short it offers lifestyle plus – and yet most people know little about it.

The entire Newcastle district has a population of around 500,000 people and is the seventh largest city in Australia – it was a city of coal and steel and is now a place of education and health services. I am extremely excited to have so many wonderful properties in Newcastle to offer people from around the world. Only two hours drive to Sydney it is perfectly positioned to accommodate every need and the magical harbour and beach views are magnificent. Let’s make sure that Newcastle is forgotten no more.

Michael Marquette

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