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New year, new home – the easy way

by emily

in Design & Trends


Embarking on a home makeover probably sounds expensive and time intensive. Starting your new year with a massive home project might not be the most fun you could imagine. But starting the new year with a new look for your home sounds good right? It doesn’t have to be as enormous a feat as you think. In fact, there are many small ways to make a big difference that won’t cost you your whole Christmas bonus.


Home renovations do cost a fortune. Unless you’re prepared to remortgage your property or you’ve recently come into money to the value of hundreds of thousands of rands, you won’t be able to go ahead with major renovations. But you can gather up your savings and spend some money on affordable changes to your home. These changes can turn your humble abode into a home that’ll rival and interior designer’s handiwork.


Here’s how you go about introducing a tres chic element into your home space without breaking the bank.


Stainless steel or at least consistency


The kitchen a very popular space in the home. It is frequented by everyone in your household numerous times a day and then your guests tend to congregate in the kitchen too when you’re entertaining. You can make your kitchen look incredible by investing in some new appliances that stand on display. Stainless steel looks incredible when kept polished and clean. It’s the choice of many interior designers but if stainless steel is not your thing then concentrate in consistency. Any type of appliances that match will create a similar smart and seamless look and feel. If you feel like splashing out a little then consider the Smeg range. They specifically create their ranges to match in both colour, style and texture. This looks deliberate and very smart.


Handles and paint


A very easy way to make your home look fresh and renewed is by giving all your doors a lick of paint and fit them with new handles. You’ll be surprised how fresh a door can look when it’s been repainted or revarnished and if you do this throughout your home your whole space will look clean  and revamped. Handles can be chosen to suit your preferences and design style but ultimately you need to simply make sure that you’re consistent. Each room or area of the house must have matching handles that speak to the design and flow of the room you’re busy revamping.




To save on money consider repurposing unused parts of your furniture. For instance, it’s very popular to remove the doors off the kitchen cabinets leaving the shelves exposed. Don’t get rid of the cupboard doors though. Rather repurpose them into trays or coffee tables. This will require some creative genius but you’ll be able to find a step by step guide online or even on Pinterest. You‘ll need to grab your DIY tools, have some paint handy and be prepared to make a bit of a mess. However, this exercise will result in a unique piece of furniture that has purpose and you’ve officially acted in an environmentally friendly way.




Many really smart homes make use of decals in place of sandblasted glass. Nowadays the decals available look very similar to frosted sandblasted glass. But they cost a fraction of the price. You don’t need to have your glass panes removed in  order to be treated and live in the discomfort of boarded up windows and glass doors. Decals can easily replace curtains and blinds altogether and they do just as good a job. Curtains and blinds often reach the end of their lives and require replacement. If you don’t replace them then your home can look really tatty. Decals on the other hand don’t require replacement. They can last for decades if not your entire lifetime, with you only needing to replace them to update your style.


Feature or accent space


As mentioned, not all of us have the money to revamp the entire house to our dream style but we can create a feature space that emulates the ultimate design style you’d enjoy. This means by pieces, paint, furnishing to fill one area of your home that has real style and pizzazz. Think of creating a feature wall in your lounge area. Paint it your chosen colour, fill the wall with your favourite art style, imagery and a bookcase with your best literature. Throw some money at buying a chaise lounge or lazy boy and you’ll have a bespoke reading nook. Similarly in the bedroom, consider investing in some beautiful linen after all your duvet covers and duvet sets are showcased in your bedroom constantly. If you really want to splash out then place a king or queen sized duvet cover on your double sized bed. The duvet will cover the entire bed and if donned with the very best Egyptian cotton king or queen duvet covers, your bed alone will become a talking point of your bedroom.


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