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Myth or Fact: Are Mosquitos More Attracted to People With “Sweet Blood”?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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It is a fact that mosquitoes tend to be attracted more to some people than others.While there are many factors that play into whether a mosquito may be drawn to you, the taste or “sweetness” of your blood probably isn’t one of them. Mosquitoes locate prey primarily by sight and smell, not taste.Pest control measures can be effective in keeping mosquito populations under control, but if you find yourself bothered by biting bugs more often than your friends and family, there are several reasons why this may be, and even some preventative measures you can take.

Mosquitoes Locate Prey by Sight

Mosquitoes have the ability to visually sense the heat that your body gives off. They are attracted to warm bodies, so the higher your body temperature, the more likely you are to be bitten. Several different biological functions, including pregnancy, can cause your body temperature to fluctuate, and you don’t have control over most of them. However, engaging in sedentary activities while out of doors, rather than vigorous exercise, can help you to avoid bites,as strenuous exertion causes your body temperature to rise.

The color of clothing that you wear can also make a difference. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, like black or navy blue, and are also particularly attracted to the color red. Wearing light-colored clothing will not only help keep you cooler in the sunshine, it will also help you to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Pest Control

Mosquitoes Locate Prey by Smell

Mosquitoes can be attracted to different areas of your body, and it has to with the different smells coming from each. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide in the air, so they can be attracted by your breath. The bacteria that occurs naturally on your skin can give off an odor that mosquitoes find alluring, and since so much bacteria tends to gather on your lower extremities, mosquitoes may be drawn to your feet and ankles. The sweat that your body produces contains certain compounds, such as ammonia and lactic acid, that mosquitoes find pleasing.

Mosquitoes Are Opportunistic

Mosquitoes don’t go out of their way looking for a gourmet meal; they just feed on whatever (or whoever) is nearby. Therefore, you can protect yourself from being bitten if you make your yard an unappealing habitat by keeping your yard free of standing water and plant overgrowth. If that doesn’t work, an exterminator Tampa may be your best defense.

Even though “blood sweetness” is a myth, it is a fact that mosquitoes are more likely to bite some people than others. If you’ve taken steps to avoid being bitten but mosquitoes are still a problem on your property, a mosquito treatment from a pest control professional may be able to help.

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