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Must have homeware accessories

by emily

in Features

homewareBust the myths that say accesories are only for dressing up. It’s true that when dressing up, accessories round off any outfit that you’re wearing. The same counts for accessories in the home. These are minor or great detail that pulls in a livingroom or bedroom. It livens up any room and even has the ability to deliver elegance and flair.

For the love of art

Art becomes a lifetime investment, so start collecting art while you’re still young. Each piece will have a memory attached to it and will evoke any feelings that come along with it. The art pieces that are collected, need not be expensive, but it must speak to you.

The perfect bookshelf

Any person who enjoys the smell of an old book will know that a bookshelf is inviting part of their world that they can’t deny. Consider the bookshelf an inspirational place to display everything that’s uniquely you, it does not necessarily need to display books only.

Towels that match

But why do they need to match, you may ask. Matching items that are part of a set look organised and neat. In other words you can make it look like a feature to your home, instead of it only having the purpose of being a function.


Plants become an important feature, not because they are living organisms, but because they bring about a refreshing look that you can’t be replaced by any other homeware feature. Even a rented space looks more permanent once there is a massive ferm looming in the corner or small pot plants on the windowsill.

The bed headboard

The bedroom becomes the sanctuary in which you spend your private time in. This should be a refreshing and inviting space that makes you feel at ease in your surroundings. A beautiful headboard will tie in all the elements in your room, leaving space for fun and relaxation.


The bathroom


Changing up the bathroom from time to time and making it into a good change. Think of the bathroom as modern chic. Do away with the plastic accessories and fill up your space with good looking porcelain items.

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