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Multi-Million Dollar NYC Mansion

by Marquette Turner

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Interior Design, Luxury is..., Real Estate Radar

The Wanamaker-Munn Mansion in New York City: $US33 million

The Wanamaker-Munn mansion is on East 90th Street, and is for sale for those with the means!

munn-apt.jpgMeasuring a whopping 12,200 square feet it was last owned and occupied by Aimee de Heeren, the daughter-in-law to Fernanda W.dH.M and a well known fixture on the international high society scene with important homes New York, Palm Beach, Paris and Biarritz.

Madame de Heeren passed away in 2006. Given the difficulty in maintaining a house of this proportion, this mansion is now on sale.

The house is extraordinarily wide at 29 feet and the perfectly proportioned public spaces include a ball room sized stair hall, a 720 square foot living room with “staggeringly high” ceilings, a 30 foot long panelled library, a dining room capable of seating well over 20 people comfortably, a huge kitchen with a serving kitchen one floor up and adjacent to the dining room, and a small reception hall off the foyer is perfect for greeting guests not important enough to warrant an invitation to climb the spectacular curving stair case to the second floor.

On the upper floors are five family bedrooms with four full and two half bathrooms. An additional five bedrooms an d two bathrooms for live in staff are located on the sixth floor and behind the kitchen sits a servant’s hall for additional staff. Like a large, elegant Parisian “hotel particulier”, the effect is extremely grand with staggeringly high ceilings and voluminous, highly decorated rooms and 10 period marble fireplaces. Thankfully, the house retains all its original details and truly represents a “moment in time”.

Simon Turner


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