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Moving Home Or Relocation? Why Self Storage Can Make Your Move A Whole Lot Easier!

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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When it comes to the main stresses that happen during the course of our lifetime, very few will cause more heartache, tired eyes and high blood pressure than moving home, with moving to a new property said to be in the top three things to do that will cause us the most grief. And, when you take into consideration the majority of people move home up to 8 times during a lifetime, we will continue to suffer the agony and pain that comes with a house move time and time again, and does it get easier? Probably not!

Self Storage Can Make Your Move A Whole Lot Easier!

Finding your new home is step one, selling your current home is step two and booking your removals company is step three, but when it comes to the other steps we can make to take some pressure off of the big day then why not consider renting a self storage unit for a month or two?

Not only are they an extremely cost effective way of storing items, but a storage unit can relieve pressure by taking away some of the time issues you might have when moving. When you think about the main problems with moving home, one of the biggest issues is trying to have a massive clear out at the same time as keeping the sale and purchase on track, with solicitors letters and other legal documents flying in and out of your house. At the same time, you are then expected to take care of the day to day activities and also try to sort out your items, neatly boxed and ready to go.

Trying to decide what to take, what to bin, what to give to charity and whether the items you are going to take with you will fit into your new property is a challenge, and it is not like it’s the only thing you need to be doing. During the heat of the moment, you might end up throwing stuff away that ideally you would of wanted to keep, or you might feel pushed into a decision when you just have not made up your mind yet.

This is where renting a self storage unit for a month or even a few months can be a big help, because all of the items that you are not sure about keeping can be stored, and then when you are fully moved and settled into your new home, you can then spend a few days at the unit making rational and non-pressured decisions about your possessions. And, if you decide you want to sell some of your items, you can keep them in the unit until they are sold and actually never have to worry about taking them back to your property, or if you decide on the stuff you want to chuck away, you can arrange removal directly from the storage facility.

Moving home comes with so many pressures and stresses it is really easy to see why so many people struggle with doing it, as selling and buying a home can be a long and drawn out process, that can just move forward (or equally fall through) at a moment’s notice, as once all the legal bits and bobs are sorted, the sale can complete at any moment. The last thing you need at that moment in time is to then be faced with 5 rooms worth of items you need to decide about what you are doing with them, which is why hiring a self storage unit a month or so in advance of the anticipated move date means you can remove some of this pressure and make your house half empty before the big day.

It can also help you to cut down on your removal costs as well, as if you can go from two vans down to one, the move will be cheaper and you will probably save money as the rental of the storage unit will usually be quite low, thanks to the competition and the amount of storage facilities that there now are across the world, in every county, state, city and town. There is just no need to go through a last minute pack, ditch and keep game with your possessions, as if you think ahead and book a unit, you can save time, money and of course, remove some of the stress that can eat away at you, and can often spoil the first few weeks in your new property.

This article has been provided by our friends at Thornbury Self Storage, a Bristol based self storage facility in the UK and you can find out more about them by clicking here.

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