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More Than Just A Garage With A View

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Hayden Properties has taken parking to a whole new level, quite literally, with the development of its new Hayden Scotts Apartments to feature car parking within the units.


The 30 storey luxury apartment development is located in Singapore and will be the first of its kind in Asia. Drivers will park their cars at a designated point in the basement, where upon they submit to a biometric scan, identifying the owners apartment and delivers the car in a completely automated process.


The property boasts 56 exclusive apartments and two über chic penthouses styled with a meticulous sense of detail guaranteed to meet the tastes of the most discerning critic.


Prices are expected to start at $3,800/ft and the development is slated for completion by 2011, just enough time to pack your bags, and polish the Rolls Royce.

One problem comes to mind, for those so inclined, is where are you meant to keep the yacht?

More information: View the Hayden Scotts website

Patrick Diaz Miholic

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