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MONOPOLY: Australia Vs the World

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Vote your favourite town onto the first ever global MONOPOLY board! The world’s most popular board game is about to go global – with a world wide vote to decide which of the world’s 22 greatest cities will take pride of place on the first ever international MONOPOLY board – MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition!

The new World Edition follows on from the hugely successful election campaign for the all new Australian Here & Now MONOPOLY in 2007, which attracted in excess of 17 million votes from MONOPOLY enthusiasts around the country. Australians are now being asked get on line and get voting again, to ensure Australia is well represented on the first ever global edition of MONOPOLY.

While Sydney and Melbourne are on the voting card together with 66 of the world’s best known cities, any other towns or cities, big or small can also vie for one of two wild card spots on the board to be nominated and determined by public vote. Hasbro are hopeful of not only getting both cities on the board, but even possibly securing the coveted blue position and becoming the new “Mayfair” and “Park Lane”. The most prestigious positions will be assigned to the cities that receive the most votes.

Size does not matter when it comes to winning a spot on the board, for example last year it was the Barossa Valley that secured the most votes in the Australian MONOPOLY elections. With other small towns like Kalgoorlie and Sovereign Hill attracting many more votes than the big cities, proving that community spirit and enthusiasm is the key to securing a spot on the MONOPOLY board.

Australia has already proven we’ve got what it takes when it comes to voting, clocking up more votes in the Australian national elections than either the USA, United Kingdom or Germany did for theirs.

Voting is easy and accessible to everyone from 23rd January 2008 – 28th February 2008 at http://www.monopoly.com/, where you can cast votes for up to 10 nominated cities daily, and nominate 1 wild card city each day. Voting for the top 20 wild card nominations will begin on 29th February and will close on the 9th March 2008.

The twenty cities that receive the most votes will be part of MONOPOLY history as the first cities selected to be on the World edition game board. However, two spaces on the board will be reserved for cities that are nominated through the wild card vote. Any city from any country in the world can be nominated for these property spaces, which means that anywhere from Condobolin to the “Back O’ Bourke” could make it on the board!

Simon Turner simon@marquetteturner.com.au

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