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Monochrome Magic: Black and White Bedroom Design

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The black and white monochrome look first hit the fashion scene back in the 1960’s. Since then, it’s never really left us. But, while it’s been on the down-low for the past few years, black-and-white is front and centre again this year as could be seen during the New York Fashion Week.

As we all know, what happens on the runways soon makes it way from our clothes to our homes. Sticking to tradition, monochrome made a beeline for our bedrooms. Everyone is getting in on the act and if you don’t want to be left out, follow our advice for getting black-and-white right:

Balance it out

What look, design and  feel do you ultimately want to create for your bedroom? Dramatic? Then make black your primary colour. To achieve a minimalist, fresh look, let white reign supreme.

Mixing equal parts of both works, but the end result could be very busy, creating a frazzled feeling in a space that should promote rest and peace.

Bed with white draping on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Pick your accessories wisely

A monochrome bedroom makes a big impression, so accessories should be kept simple and minimal. Pick those you do use, to create a specific look and feel for your bedroom.

Soft furnishings, for instance, like a woven throw or plush area rug, will add a romantic feel to a monochrome bedroom. Stainless steel and glass, on the other hand, creates a very modern look. There is no right or wrong here; personal taste will be the determining factor.

Add visual interest

To keep a monochrome bedroom from appearing flat, add visual interest with accessories. That woven throw is a perfect choice. Think of other materials you can add that will complement it. Perhaps it’s faux fur, suede or a bit of lace. But if your decorating choice fell on a modern look, consider a leather couch and acrylic lamp shades.

Patterns can also create visual interest. Black and white work especially well together as stripes, squares, spots, herringbone and chevron. Don’t be afraid to experiment with more than one pattern in one room!

A splash of colour

Think of how eye-catching red shoes or red nail polish is with a black outfit. You can create the same effect in your bedroom with a red vase or red headboard behind a double bed.

Yellow will also work really well. Pillows, cushions and fresh flowers are all great ways to add this fun colour to a bedroom.

Last, but not least, warm up a cold black-and-white bedroom with strategic lighting. Install dimmers to turn down the lights and make the room glow at night. Need even more warmth? Go for gold with a wooden bed frame and nightstands. It’ll create all the warmth you need.

Author Bio

Emily Apple - Guest author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She is a firm believer in filling her days with positive information, people and experiences to achieve a fulfilling life – a quest she takes most seriously. She lives in sunny South Africa, but spends as much time as possible exploring the world.

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