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Mix and match design styles

by emily

in Variety


hm_da32c6bb942cce27_spcms_0Decor experts will tell you that the days of matching rooms are gone, and they are now incorporating different design elements. All rooms need a personality, even if it is not like that of the owner. Statement decor furnishings and eye catching accents can bring about a new feel to any room. The personality of a room is based on mixing and matching styles that complement each other. If your entire room is a blend of matchy-matchy, it lacks a personal touch that can drag down the flair of the room.


A touch of traditional art with modern furniture


You might be wondering why you should combine a classic art piece with an eclectic styled room. But once done, you will be able to see a new touch of creative like never before. Take a trip to your local thrift store to collect enough pieces to fill up your wall.


Abstract art paired with classic furniture


Traditional art is the most popular and the safest amongst all designs. However, new traditionalists have come onto the scene and have given traditional art a different feel. It provides more finishes, periods and styles. This look can be achieved by placing a piece of abstract art in a traditional setting. Move up a couple of notches and add a touch of animal print to the room.


Bring in colour


A coat of paint can easily bring about a fresh feel to your home. There’s no need to buy new pieces of furniture when you can paint them a different colour and merge them into a surrounding area. A vintage desk can easily be made stylish again by simply painting it double coats of glossy white. Change up the colours such as mixing pastel hues with bold elements. If your duvet covers are all quite similar, you can change it up by buying different coloured pillowcases that compliment the duvet sets.

Don’t leave out the wall


It’s easy to get caught up in mixing and matching that you may end up leaving out the wall. Create a wall with mix and match framed mirrors, art or pictures to create contrast between structure. Different shapes bring a new appeal to any space and instantly becomes a focal point of any room.


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