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Mind Your Techno Manners: Etiquette in Real Estate

by Marquette Turner

in Wise Guy

It’s amazing how fast paced the world has become. There is a constant wave of new gadgets and devices which all promise to make life easier and more glamourous.

New questions are continually being raised about “technology etiquette”? If someone receives an sms message does etiquette dictate that the response should be an sms? If an email is received should the response be sent by email? Is it rude to respond to a voice message by sending an sms or email?


There are times when the message itself will expressly indicate how the receiver should respond – this makes life very simple. An sms message which reads “ring me” provides a good clue as to what the sender requires.

At the Luxury Real Estate Conference I attended last week in Paris, the results of a recent study on Broker response rate by WAV Group were released. Stunningly one third of all messages left for Brokers were never returned, regardless of the type. In terms of etiquette this is surely unacceptable.

In essence each situation is unique, however we can rely on some basic rules:

1. Reply in the manner a message was received, unless otherwise specified.

2. Do not speak loudly or obtrusively in public or have excessively loud or strange alerts for devices.

3. Never write in CAPITAL LETTERS unless you are screaming, yelling or raising your voice.

4. It’s a good idea to reply to messages.

Michael Marquette

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