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Meet your small bedroom needs

by emily

in Variety


Small rooms can either feel snug or overcrowded. Some may hate it, while others love it, but the most important thing is feeling comfortable in your small bedroom. Being comfortable means that you can move freely without tripping over anything and not feeling claustrophobic. Freeing up your small room will can bring comfort and relaxation and a cozy feeling to your space.

Maximise space with furniture choices

Your choice of bedroom furniture can greatly impact your small room. Carefully select furniture that will maximise your available space, instead making your room appear smaller. As an alternative choose a narrow cupboard, it’ll most likely be too small for clutter to accumulate. A tall free standing cupboard is great for using up corner space, which will in turn free up extra room. Not only will it hold clothing and shoes, it also means all your items are behind closed doors, with no visible clutter. Make use of bedroom furniture that serves as a double duty piece. Purchase upholstered storage that not only looks the part of furniture, but also serves as a chest to store away goods.

Make use of wall hooks and shelves

Floating shelves are most favourable for small spaces. They provide a neat look that can hold books, plants and anything else you would like displayed in your bedroom. Put up wall hooks if your room lacks closet space. This way you are able to hang bags and coats on your wall or behind your doorway.

Add layers and texture to your room

A small room has a comfortable, cozy feel to it that doesn’t compare to larger rooms. By adding texture to your bedroom, you are giving it a modern look, instead of it looking cramped. Display throw pillows in various fabrics, add a warm textured throw blanket and put up floor to ceiling drapery. You will be amazed at how different your room will appear. This look will make you feel as snug as a bug as it helps to ground your space.

Sort out your lighting

Small rooms need a lot of natural light to brighten it up, making it appear double the size. Not everyone who has a small room has a sliding door that  walks out onto a patio or wide windows that can let in ample light. For those who have bedrooms that lack in natural light, you are going to need to add layers of lighting to your bedroom. You can install an overhead light, an accent lamp on your night stand or have plug-sconce that clip to your shelves. Bright lighting provides an ambience that makes a small room more lively.


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