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Maximising Bathroom Space

by emily

in Design & Trends, Variety

… Without breaking down any walls.

The bathroom is the inner sanctum of your home that has a lot of activity throughout the day. With a bit of candle lighting and soft music in the background, the bathroom can take on an amazing transform into tranquillity. However, it’s not uncommon that the bathroom is also known to be a repository for essential paraphernalia that keeps us clean and refreshed. Although we need these little odds and ends in the bathroom, it can be an unsightly scene that can take away the tranquillity of your bathroom.

Your bathroom needs extra space if it’s being weighed down by appliances, perfumes and other vanity products. Sometimes breaking down the bathroom to create bigger space, can’t always be the case. That’s why you need to work around what you already have.


Create smart space

Smart space has got nothing to do with a cell phone app that allows you to locate the best space for storage items. When applying for a home loan, all we can think about is getting the perfect home, and in that time storage space is never taken into account. Personal care appliances such as blow dryers, flat irons and shaving machines, can be stowed away in an over-the-door shoe bag. The electrical cords will then be up and out of the way, making use of the space behind the bathroom door.

Functional shelving

There are different type of shelves and utility containers available that are specifically designed to accommodate the existing landscape of your bathroom space. Many interior decorators opt for choosing chic shelves that have more than one use. It’s not only functional, but has a nice décor edge to it as well. Choose shelving that links to wire racks in your shower. They make life easier by placing items where they are most needed.

Corner units

If you have an empty corner then put in a small wood or wicker cabinet. Don’t choose an unimaginative rectangular unit, instead, try a triangular one. It will streamline the space, giving it a custom fit.

Décor in plain sight

Premium bathrooms can’t have personal items on average countertops of standard shelving. Items can be concealed in wooden, wicker or wire containers. Go to any craft store to find the perfect box, baskets, bags and hampers for bathroom storage. They will have a perfect fit for open shelving applications. The only aspect you may struggle with is choosing the best containers that not only suit your décor style, but also have multiple functions for your grooming inventory.

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