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Real Estate Agents: Marquette Turner Luxury Homes – Who? What? Why? When? Where?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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I received a message on Facebook earlier this week from a person who had read my profile and had seen my status updates throughout the day about all sorts of topics. He decided to have a look at our website and noticed that there were Luxury Homes featured on there as well as a host of other topics which seemed to have nothing to do with real estate.

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I chatted with him for quite some time and explained that in my opinion real estate companies have so much more that they can offer. Most agencies simply send out open home lists which are boring and mean nothing to people unless they are buying or selling a home right now. I told him that we are a company that has a social conscience and we want people to understand who we are as people – after all it’s the people in real estate or any other business that matter most.

It made me think if other people might also like a clearer understanding of exactly what it is we do at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes – so here is a summary of what we do and what we have achieved.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes specialize in the sale of Luxury property throughout Australia and the world. They have been commissioned to sell property for Luxury groups such as the Four Seasons, the Raffles Group and Luxury homes in Tuscany, Tahiti and Vanuatu to name a few. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes also look after the sale of entire Islands in the South Pacific and beyond.


Established by Michael Marquette and Simon Turner, the Agency is at the forefront of Luxury Real Estate. Together with Christine Watson (Senior Vice President of the company), they focus on targeting high net wealth individuals and create innovative, cutting edge marketing strategies.


MarquetteTurner.com is the most viewed Luxury real estate website in Australia, utilizing multiple social networking tools to maximize reach and Luxury exposure.

Michael is the Chief Negotiator for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes and is considered one of the best Negotiators in the real estate world, with all agents and brokers holding tertiary qualifications in Negotiation – An Australian first.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes was awarded “The Most Outstanding Luxury Agency in the World (Under 2 Years Old)” in October 2008 at a stunning ceremony in Philadelphia, USA at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. This was the first time an Australian agency has won the award, and the first ever non-American agency to hold the honour.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is also a member of the Board of Regents – the Governing Body of The Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate. With only 75 members on the Board worldwide representing 65 countries and more than 80,000 accredited Luxury agents and brokers you are assured of the very best the industry can provide.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is an outstanding company, represented by the finest agents and brokers both in Australia and abroad.

You can also read more about us HERE


Marquette Turner Luxury Homes on MarquetteTurner.com

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Jon Wade September 21, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Great Job Michael and Simon! Only the best succeed in the current market and you guys are setting the standard. It was nice to compare notes at the Board of Regents roundtable in Vail and no surprise that you are finding such success.



simonturner September 23, 2009 at 8:14 pm

Thanks so much, Jon. It was also great to visit your great State of CO – we'll definitely be coming back!

simonturner September 24, 2009 at 3:14 am

Thanks so much, Jon. It was also great to visit your great State of CO – we'll definitely be coming back!

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