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Marquette Turner Luxury Homes Second Most Viewed Luxury Real Estate Agency Website in the World

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Marquette Turner Luxury Homes has continued its stunning internet and web development, cementing its place in the top 3 most viewed Luxury Real Estate Agency Websites in the World.

The MTLH website is now the number 2 most viewed Luxury Real Estate Agency site in the World.

The top 3 are:

1. Sothebysrealty.com

2. MarquetteTurner.com

3. Christiesgreatestates.com

The battle for internet supremacy is set to continue with the launch of Marquette Turner’s International Luxury Affiliate program and further development of the Marquette Turner Website which is already available in 36 languages.

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes continues as Australia’s Most Viewed Luxury Real Estate Website for the second year running. With more than 55% of Marquette Turner’s web traffic coming from outside Australia there is a huge readership from countries such as the United States, Philippines, India, Canada and the UK.



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