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Good Causes: What Makes Australian’s Unique?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Good Causes

A new initiative, put together by Qantas, is looking to discover what defines our country and us as Australians.

An interactive website was launched this week asking every Australian to say something about who we are and what we believe is the real spirit of Australia, what sets us apart, what makes Australia great. So far, a number of different themes and words keep recurring: “passion”, “loyalty”, “a fair go”, “helping your mates”.


By visiting the website you can find a topic that intrigues you, whether it be friendship, Sydney, family, sport, food, loyalty, the beach, the arts or you can start your own topic. You can join in a conversation, add your thoughts, or post a blog. Your voice can be inputted using your mobile phone or going on line. You can follow the site on Facebook, Twitter or a RSS feed. Pictures and videos can be added – anything to best sum up what you think makes Australia great.

allofaus.com.au is the basis for a magazine keepsake “Our Spirit” which will be available in newspapers across Australia in the last weekend in July.

Australia is one of the most multicultural places on Earth; with this in mind what does the spirit of Australia mean to you? Make sure you visit www.allofaus.com.au and have your say.

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