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Marquette Turner Forms Partnership with Foreign Exchange Service for Cheaper International Property Transactions

by Marquette Turner

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With global barriers becoming of less and less importance, increasingly properties are being purchased by foreign buyers that require foreign exchange services.

Moving funds around the world to purchase these properties can often be expensive, once fees and currencies are taken into account.

In recognising this, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes, having properties listed for sale on five continents, are excited to form a global strategic partnership with Realty-FX.

Realty-FX monitor key economic and market data to stay abreast of market movements, trade formations and patterns. The company is an industry specific service provider for Foreign Exchange, specializing in International Real Estate for Private and Wholesale clients purchasing Resorts, Spa’s, Luxury Homes, Businesses and Property globally in both commercial and residential markets.

They are based in Sydney, Australia with alliances with major banks around the world covering the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and other markets delivering fast, reliable Foreign Exchange services.

Co-President of Marquette Turner, Michael Marquette, comments:

“Marquette Turner Luxury Homes and Realty-FX recognise the importance of providing our clients with corporate rates for foreign exchange transactions and lower fees. We’re very excited to have formed this partnership and we’re confident that our clients throughout the world will benefit significantly.”

Advantages of using Realty-FX over major banks:

– No fee’s

– Most competitive Exchange Rates

– Opening an account is free and there’s no obligation to trade

– A dedicated, experienced dealer will guide you expertly and ‘hold your hand’ throughout the entire currency transfer process. There is one point of contact throughout, who will take time to understand your situation and requirements.

– Meticulous, individual planning and strategic guidance

– Complete understanding of clients unique requirements

By dealing with experts that do not have the overheads of major banks, Realty-FX can provide the client’s of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes with far better personal service and rates, essential when it comes to property transactions.

To see how Realty-FX can assist you, please contact Jarrad Slowik on 1300 417 225 (Australia), +61.1300.417.225 (international) or use the contact form below:

You can also click on the image below to go to the Realty-FX website:

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