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Marquette Turner eMag: May 26, 2009 – the Sorry Day issue

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Marquette Turner, MT eMagazine, Variety

“Fame is a four letter word. And like tape, or zoom, or face, or pain, or love, or life, what ultimately matters is what we do with it.” – Fred Rogers


Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stay well and please enjoy our continued commentary and wide variety of features on luxury, politics, property and lifestyle.

Click HERE to go straight to the eMag or browse the articles below:

– GOOD CAUSES: Australia’s “National Sorry Day”;

– Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”: Tax, Tax, Everywhere;

– REAL ESTATE RADAR: Street Price Record by Marquette Turner;

– DESIGN & TRENDS Bali Boy – Photography Competition;

– WISE GUY: Jackpot or Not: Cash Splash Political Sweeteners;

– LUXURY HOME: 5 Star Rural “Shed” Residence: Brooklana, NSW;

– OLD WIVES CLUB; RECIPE: Spicy Grilled Prawn Skewers;

– LUXURY HOME: Sydney Penthouse for Lease;

– ECO-FRIENDLY: Green Computing;

– DESIGN & TRENDS Stay in a Cell with a View for Your Holiday?

Click HERE to go straight to the eMag or browse the articles!


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