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Making the best of minimal space

by emily

in Design & Trends, Variety


For many, small spaces can feel suffocating and for some it can have a cosy feeling. Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that minimal space in your home means that there is less functionality. Decorating a small space can get tricky, because you may not want to overcrowd your space and you may not want to have it appear to look empty either. A certain middle ground needs to be reached in order to get the perfect setting.

Removing clutter from your space

One man’s trash is another’s treasure and one man’s clutter is another man’s everything. Clutter doesn’t necessarily mean anything that is not useful. There are clutter that are everyday items that are used on a daily basis. Create storage for these items, instead of displaying it. Creating storage for small items will make your space look more in order and not as if things are only lying about. There is a difference between cramped space and cosy living.

Consider the dimensions of your small space

Cater to the needs of your home. Your living room doesn’t need big lounge suites, it needs furniture that will fit in perfectly and appreciate the minimalism. Pay attention to the detailing of furniture as this may also overwhelm a room. Whenever you go furniture shopping keep the dimensions of your home in mind to ensure that there is easy movement in your living space. Preferably choose furniture pieces that are versatile in their use – like a stool that can double up as mini table for snacks. All that’s needed is a lot of planning and the idea of what you are looking for to create the perfect space.

Creating a bigger picture with small frames

You can create an illusion of a bigger space by using certain furniture pieces and colour. Transparent pieces need to have an open feel to them that translates into the the space as appearing larger than usual. Glass and acrylic tables and chairs gives exactly this appearance, even a clear acrylic table top on a solid table makes a subtle difference. Avoid dark colours and go for bright colours that give the perception of clear, open, happy space, which tend to look broader in sight.​

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