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Make your bedroom feel more luxurious with these furniture essentials

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

When it comes down to decorating our homes, we tend to jump at decorating the most public spaces when we should be taking more interest in our personal space. Don’t give your bedroom the cold shoulder; it’s the most used, private space in the house. Make it look as good as it makes you feel.

Less is more

An easy way to distinguish whether you need to upgrade your bedroom furniture is knowing that when you look at your room, it looks like a cluttered, sad space with unmatching furniture. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to spring clean your room and spruce up your furniture options.

Changing up your bedroom furniture might seem like a time-consuming, money-snatching task, but if you know what the essentials are, then that alone can make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious.

Yes, your budget plays a large role in the level of quality that you can or cannot afford, but if you know what the intent behind each furniture piece is, it’s worth spending more for high-quality furniture.

Scale is crucial for a well-kitted out room, meaning that the size of the furniture needs to meet the size of the space you’re working with. Before making any purchase, be sure to measure up your space, and consider your colour options. Colour alone can have a large impact on how a room feels.

Here are a few essential bedroom furniture options to consider when re-creating your room:


The single and most important element to making your bedroom the happiest room in the house is having a good mattress that supports you. Choosing the right bed and bedding is also key to upscaling your bedroom’s look and feel. Going for the cheapest mattress option is only going to bite you in the butt the older you get, so it’s crucial to research the correct mattress options to suit your health and pocket requirements. Remember that your bed is a purchase you’ll most likely be living with for quite a while.

Bed frame and headboard

These two elements are not a necessity, however, they are the two most impacting pieces of furniture – they really do change things up. After all, a bed is the focal area of any bedroom, so it needs to catch your eye and complement your habits. If reading or watching telly is part of your daily routine, having a comfortable headrest to lean on would make your experience all the more comfortable.

Bedding and pillows

As previously mentioned, adding simplistic, neutral designed bedding to your bed can really complement your mattress. It also allows you to change up the colours of your linen, scatter cushions and curtains. Much like the need for a mattress that supports your back, it is important to have quality pillows that support your neck. Take the time to select sheets, blankets or duvets that are soft and make you feel calm – this will add to the comfort and warmth of your bedroom.


A bedroom is supposed to make you feel calm, which is why the correct lighting is essential. Not only does it set the tone, but it also aims to provide a soft and relaxed atmosphere. If a reading light is required, make certain the overhead lighting or table lamps provide adequate brightness for your eyes. The colours that you choose also need to match your room colours. However, if you don’t want to have side lamps, find yourself an elegant, tall standing lamp that you can put in a corner. It’ll make its own statement.

Additional furniture

Additional furniture can be anything from a couch to a rug, anything that adds a creative flair to your bedroom and gives it that extra homely feel. Chairs or couches, in particular, add fashion and colour to your bedroom. It also allows you to sit down and catch up on some work, read a magazine and just relax in your own space without having to get onto your bed. (As you know, a bed is not the right place to do your office work. Do not associate bed and work together as it’ll become one stressful combo.) If you’re looking for an object that would make a world of difference to your bedroom, try adding a rug into the mix. You will be pleasantly surprised at how thankful your feet will be, especially in the winter months.

Investing in good bedroom furniture has a great impact on your physical and mental health. Not only do we spend most of our time on our backs but our days are so jam-packed with daily demands that we need to treat ourselves to a peaceful environment. Make your bedroom that safe haven.

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