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Make it last! Care tips to keep your lounge suites looking new

by emily

in Lifestyle

When it comes to purchasing that beautiful lounge suite you’ve been admiring for weeks, it is extremely important to think beyond the general look and feel and try to sum up the best solution for your lifestyle.  

Considering the expense of a good quality lounge suite, having your couch cleaned and looked after should not be overlooked. And if you think that having it cleaned by a professional is the only way, think again. Take pride in your investment. It could (and hopefully will) last for decades with the right care.

Here are a few lounge furniture care tips:

  • Make the rules

Treat your couch with pride. If you want to avoid stains and dirt that you cannot get out, set the rules on what people can and cannot do on your couch. This includes yourself. Don’t allow shoes, pets, or eating. If you do and there are children around, make sure to have them avoid your couches with any toys or playing goodies, or place throws over your couch to catch any mess that might be made. Remember that there is no amount of cleaning that will restore its original store beauty. Do not despair.

  • Dust away the dirt

Dust settles on your furniture every day. It’s not always as obvious as it is on other furniture types, but once it’s settled in, it is very difficult to get rid of. Homeowners are encouraged to vacuum their couches everytime they clean the rest of their home. Be careful when using a vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging or dirtying the couch any further. (And try to do a really good vacuuming job while you’re at it!)

Another tip is that while you’re cleaning, flip your cushions. By doing so, it will ensure that your cushions wear evenly. Both the seat and back cushions need this regular change to look plumped up.

  • Use the right detergents

Before purchasing your furniture, try choosing a colour that is easier to clean than others. Whether it’s fabric or leather, each kind has their own care instructions, and as pretty as it looks, you’d rather want a pretty and well-kept couch than something that looks horrible after the first year.

Once purchased, make sure that you are using the right kind of detergents to clean the material on your couch. (Remember to patch test anything you’re unaware of because strong cleaning products can easily damage the material of your lounge suite and even affect the colour.)

If your furniture has wooden detailing, then that’s even more of an excuse to keep it looking rich and inviting. Be careful when you clean this, as rough cleaning can stain. Don’t use spray polish on decorative wood as it tends to attract dust, which eventually builds up and forms a layer on top of the wood. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. The same goes for leather’s alternative ‘faux leather’. Wash with mild soap and water as strong detergents can cause ‘leather’ deterioration.

  • Say no to sunlight

So, you’ve just moved into your new home and you’re wondering where to place this gorgeous new suite. Not in the sun is the answer. One of the most important things to bear in mind, apart from actual care tips, is to place your furniture out of the sun. For new homeowners that might not know, the sun really damages your furniture and can fade the colour quite a bit. Don’t throw away the hard-earned money used to purchase this by making silly placement decisions.

  • Stop climbing on top of your furniture

Don’t let your furniture be treated as a jumping castle by kids or anyone for that matter. Furniture needs to be sat on, not stood on. And, when you do that, you might break the frame. Also avoid people from sitting on the arms of your chairs as it puts extra strain on the structure, which results in a loss of shape.

  • Be careful when moving

Moving homes can definitely cause strain on your furniture. It is highly suggested that you wrap each piece in bubble wrap to avoid scratching when moving and try to carry your furniture by its base instead of by its arms. Don’t stack heavy items against or on top of any of the seating, as the cushioning could get damaged. Some advice would be to rewrap everything yourself and get professional movers to help you. The initial cost may be pricey but it’s not as high as replacing your entire lounge suite.

  • Start looking after your lounge suites

Not only are lounge suites the most used pieces in the house, but the living room brings people together. Make sure it is clean, neat and taken care of. Interest yourself in the knowledge about furniture textiles’ qualities and how to maintain and clean each differently. It’ll be worth the effort!

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